Range Theory is a semi-private outdoor shooting range, purpose-built to accommodate small groups in a private setting for a unique rifle and pistol shooting experience. We are confident that your visit to Range Theory will be among the highlights of all your outdoor sports experiences and one of the most fun days of shooting you’ll ever have.

We believe that shooting skills are best developed in a competitive yet accepting and encouraging environment. No matter what your skill or experience level is, we enable you to progressively challenge your individual limits through a safe and enjoyable process that is led by a Range Theory Pro. 

Range Theory events and training are by reservation only

We are 100% committed to expanding the enjoyment of sport rifle and pistol shooting with a functional approach. Our events are not about showcasing the image or abilities of our Pros/Instructors. Range Theory Pros are confident but humble about their strengths, aware of their weaknesses, and always seeking to improve. This mentality is what enables us to maintain constant focus on exceptional guest experiences.   

Please reach out via phone or email below to acquire more information and reserve a date for your event.